Lighting solutions provider for your adventure!

Who We Are

Sparkave is a manufacturer that focuses on quality flashlights for tactical, diving and outdoor use. Our core team members have decades of experience in leading outdoor sports lighting companies. So much experience has also provided our team with relevant experience in research and development. That is why we have the latest technology that will help people in extreme environmental conditions.

Why Choose Us?

Our products are full of creativity and a fresh mind, and because we consume our products too, we know exactly what to give our customers. Our research and experience have allowed us to provide you with innovative solutions.

Sparkave ensures its flashlight rates are market competitive. We believe in fair pricing, and that is why we don’t charge too much for our flashlights. You can count on us to give you the highest quality flashlight at reasonable prices.

Our flashlights pass the highest quality control standards. That is because we believe in providing a high-quality product and we don’t compromise on our materials. A lot of research and time is spent on providing a good construction design so you can have the best.