Nemo Power Tools

Nemo Power Tools Battery tools are the first of their kind and the world's only fully waterproof battery powered power tools. The Nemo V1 drilling machine was originally custom designed and built for scientific and government organizations in 2012.

Since then, Nemo Power Tools has developed a wide range of cordless tools and accessories for work under water and in other wet, challenging conditions. We pride ourselves on working with our partners and customers to better understand what they need to do their jobs faster and easier. Our love of innovation combined with our desire to provide our customers with useful, quality products means that we integrate new and exciting technologies into our products. Nemo Power Tools uses technologies usually found in high-tech products: batteries and electronics from the drone industry, cooling technology from the computer industry, and sealing and manufacturing methods from the marine industry.

Today, Nemo tools are used around the world by commercial and research divers, pool professionals, boatyards, plumbers, marine builders, military divers, rescue agencies and many others. We are happy to cooperate with you and share innovation and quality with customers around the world.

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